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Who are we?

We are a Hertfordshire based digital agency focused on creating industry leading Web Solutions that deliver measurable results for our clients. We have the pleasure of working with a variety of clients over a wide range of industries including automotive, financial, healthcare and IT.

We specialise in delivering to our customers state of the art Responsive Websites, User Interface Design, User Experience Design and Search marketing.

The Smart Network

Smart Driving Games is an exciting new driving games website that we are launching late 2017, if you like free games please do bookmark the page.

Smart Bike Games focuses on providing the best free-to-play bike games available online, while Smart Shooting Games gets the user behind the trigger on the best free-to-play shooting games.

Our first foray into the food niche is now live! Like to eat tasty treats but Gluten Free? No problem; check out Great Without Gluten.

Website performance tuning case study


Having a performant website is critical for both user retention and user acquisition, Google uses page speed as a strong signal so if you want to rank for competitive keywords you must ensure your website is performing. We undertook performance tuning for our automotive motorsports client; We implemented a variety of performance tuning techniques to obtain these results however the content was intact and unchanged throughout the test pages. The test URL is: Drifted.

Before: Homepage performance before homepage

After: Homepage performance after homepage

Performance gain: We shaved off 2.045 seconds from the page load time of the Drifted homepage.

The homepage is a key page for performance however the individual article pages are most likely what you will try to target against Google's keywords so we must heavily optimise these pages. The page we have chosen to benchmark is the Daigo Saito article.

Before: Daigo Saito article performance before daigosaito

After: Daigo Saito article performance after daigosaito

Performance gain: After heavy optimisation we reduced the critical page load time by 10.518 seconds.

Conclusion: We are pleased to report that we have taken a visually heavy website and reduced the page load time across the entire estate to under the 2 seconds document ready threshold.

Coming soon: User Interface improvements case study for Drifted's drifting games section.

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